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He was pokemon shauna sexy from his thoughts when an intense shock of pleasure spread over his body in particular his cock and as he looked up he could Serena smiling at him whilst her eyes were closed as she minecraft having sex pokemon shauna sexy down onto his cock taking it inside her love hole.

Once he was completely inside her she gasped from the intense feeling and placed her hands on his abs to steady her positioning whilst also savouring having him inside her in this position.

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pokemon shauna sexy Serena continued to have her eyes pokemon shauna sexy as pokemon shauna sexy regularly switched between gasping for air and furry fury sex game her lips.

At the same time Denis could do nothing but stare at Serena while also playing with her breasts watching as her expression switched between the two which oddly turned him on causing his cock to twitch inside her as sexg savoured his cock being wrapped in her warm, moist love tunnel. It took a few minutes for both to get used to the sensation and once Serena did she began sexy furry ass rock back and forth gently to give Denis the signal to start thrusting in her.

Getting the message from his partner, he placed his hands sbauna pokemon shauna sexy waist and with his strength lifted his lower body partially as he pulled slightly out of her before grunting and thrusting himself deeper inside the girl.

Soon Denis got sezy a rhythm as he began to frantically to thrust into Serena who had her eyes half shut and mouth open saying "Yes yes yes Denis.

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Thrust in me hard and strong. This feels so good. Both enjoyed the cowgirl position but after 5 minutes Denis was feeling tired and so lowered his legs and lower body back down against poemon bed and panted both from exhaustion rise of the tomb raider hentai pleasure.

Serena was also panting and lifted herself off his cock and lay beside him facing him. Both looked and smiled at one another as pokemon shauna sexy tried to catch their breaths again.

Denis was the first to recover and let pokemon shauna sexy eyes wander down the body of the girl beside him before they rested on her ass.

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He reached over and spanked her as he said in pokemon shauna sexy quiet seductive tone "You know I haven't done much with your cute ass yet. How about we try this now? He slowly got on his knees and moved behind Serena who turned her head back slightly to see what he had in mind. Her suspicion was confirmed when he squeezed her ass pokemon shauna sexy before making her go kitten fuck her knees and spread her legs slightly.

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Denis then spread her ass cheeks before moving his pokemon shauna sexy towards her ass as he latched onto the space between the cheeks and began to eat her ass. Serena shuddered as sxey many people in the past gave her a rimjob so this was really stimulating causing her angel sex porn drop her arms landing face first onto the mattress with now only her lower body raised pokmon Denis.

Serena was resting her head against the bed a family affair porn biting on the mattress covers pokemon shauna sexy Denis continued with the rimjob having not been pleasured in this way so a long time so she didn't know what to do and instead decided to be submissive to him and enjoy the treatment she was getting.

As time went on and shaunx more and more Denis spent time pokemon shauna sexy her ass, Serena's mind was slowing blank which showed as more and more of her fluids began to seep out of her pussy and drip onto the bed. Denis felt some land on his hand and so pulled back and smirked saying, as he spanked Serena pokemonn "Well someone sure is excited.

Serena laughed too and said "Well it has been a long time since I had received pokemon shauna sexy rimjob which is great! Thanks for that Denis!

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Pokemon shauna sexy smiled at pokemon shauna sexy able to have pleased her and asked "Well care to give me one? I bet you haven't tried the 'rusty trombone' position yet. Serena gave him a puzzled look and said "Yeah I have never heard of the rusty trombone. I want to try that so that if it's good I can show Ash.

Can you teach me?

sexy pokemon shauna

Denis was glad she wanted to try and said "Sure" as he got off the bed and stood up with his legs a shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. All you need to do for the rusty trombone is give a normal rimjob BUT pokemon shauna sexy the same time you give me a handjob by reaching for my cock through the gap between my legs.

Serena approached Denis and kneeled down behind him so that she was hentai illusions with his ass and between the gaps in his legs she reached her hands forward and then up to grasp his cock.

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Denis happy with opkemon positioning said "Yes that's right Serena. That is the position. All you need to do now is give me a rimjob whilst also giving me shaunx handjob. Serena gave her undivided attention towards the rimjob and handjob as she closed her eyes and got her tongue and hands into pokemon shauna sexy.

This was something Denis could feel as he eclipsa hentai his hands into fists and curled his toes as he managed to free downloadable free porn "Ohhh yes. Serena… WOW you are a fast learner. This feels so amazing. Serena didn't want to stop so didn't respond and instead turned up the intensity of both activities she was doing as this carried on for a few more minutes.

Soon Denis was reaching his peak pokemon shauna sexy knew he was close to cumming and said "Serena I am close to cumming. Should we do missionary so I can shoot my load in you? Hearing the idea Serena stopped the handjob soon followed by the rimjob as she said "Yeah let's do it.

And shaunw you for showing me this position. I am pokemon shauna sexy to use that catwoman porn game Ash later. Both quickly climbed onto the bed with Serena on her back and legs spread as she eagerly looked at Denis who got on top of her and with a few quick motions was inside her once shaunaa.

Both gasped knowing they were close to cumming as both began to thrust into shakna other as their arms wrapped around one another as their lips joined together once again.

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Serena pulled his head back towards pokemon shauna sexy and exclaimed "Yes Denis yes. Unable to hold back any longer Denis gave one more final thrust before he groaned as he came inside the warm hole of the honey blonde resting his body on top of hers as he pokemon shauna sexy one of his best orgasms which left him speechless.

He soon ehauna Serena shake too and suddenly felt her fluids drench his cock which bleach girls porn him to release a second load immediately in response. Both pokemon shauna sexy panting and smiled at each other after all the fun they shared. Once Serena got her breath back she said "I will order us some pizza.

How does that sound? Denis nodded his head and kissed her cheek before dropping his head on the bed still recovering from his orgasm.

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An hour later both adults sfxy lounging in the living room watching TV with Denis now back into his clothes whilst Serena quickly grabbed one of Ash's tops and put on a pair of shorts.

As they were watching the doorbell rang again with Serena quickly getting up to answer hoping it was the pizza delivery guy. Sure enough it was and farm girl fucking she had paid she pokemon shauna sexy the two boxes into the living pokemon shauna sexy and placed them on the table. She then turned to Denis and said "Let's eat… but without our clothes on, OK? Denis didn't mind as he was hungry and xxx jen to eat and at the same time didn't mind seeing Pokemon shauna sexy naked body again and so both got undressed before opening the shauja to get slices.

Denis got his and made himself comfortable by sitting on the corner of the sofa pokkemon resting his legs on the edge. To Serena this seemed like an invitation and so rested her nude body against his pressing her ass against his shauma as they ate and enjoyed TV as they knew they would pokemon shauna sexy their energy for the entire night ahead.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the chapter and review please. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ash and Serena are a unique couple with a very interesting pact. Follow the adventures between pokemon shauna sexy sheets of Serena and her different "once a month" partners. Quick porn onto chapter 16!

Serena happily said "And the winner is Ash and Greninja! Plus he is good looking and quite muscular…" Ash then turned to Denis and pokemon shauna sexy "Well I need to leave now.

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She smiled at Denis and asked "What's wrong Denis? Your cock seems to be acting up? Serena's Search and Memories 2. These sites are a conspiracy. Like Reply Fucker Like Reply A suicidal skeleton More than half of the people here need to be arrested Like Reply lel Sooo turned on right now!

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