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As of season 5 though, he has finally achieved spiritual balance and rightfully earned the sword. Jack's inner voice growing spoon hentai sadistic and monstrous over time.

Notice how it stops sexy nurse game like his own guilt and more samurai jack bike a malicious shoulder devil. Then we see him wearing the same black and red robes of a certain clone of Jack. That isn't just any inner voice, that's Mad Jack. What was Mad Jack's purpose? To kill Samurai Jack.

If he couldn't do that through a fight, he'd do so through poisoning Jack's mind! To be more precise, Mad Jack was Jack's hatred. The reason he existed was when Jack felt an excess amount of hatred. He started coming into being because Jack hated himself. Well, by the end of that episode, that is officially past samurai jack bike.

Inner Jack doesn't just represent Jack's anger and frustration; he also represents Jack's samurai jack bike.

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After he's been told that he's on the wrong path to regaining his sword, what does he say? This isn't the path?

bike samurai jack

Then samurai jack bike must show me! Fridge Horror Fridge Tear Jerker: Jwck not hard to imagine how Jack's parents reacted after he disappeared into the far future.

They would've spent the last years of their miserable lives believing that their dear son suffered a horrible death by Aku's claws, trying and failing badly to end his reign of terror. They died with all their hope extinguished, swmurai samurai jack bike that Jack is still trying to finish the job thousands of years later.

Thankfully, Jack was only gone for 10 seconds, so his parents never knew that he even left. Who's to say Aku didn't Attack the lava monsters city while jack was training all over the world? If it eases your mind, the archeologist dogs indicate Aku didn't spread his influence any henti bdsm than Japan until after Jack was sent samurai jack bike the future.

So Aku didn't pay the Viking a visit until some time afterwards. Gike even if wamurai already had, the spell thankfully died along with Aku in Season 5.

It does and doesn't, even if he did visit the lava monsters city and the curse samura placed on the lava monster Was broken when he died in the past, then there is no way his samurai jack bike would have been considered "honorable" enough for valhalla. Sure, Aku assures the elder that the youth was unharmed and merely sent samurai jack bike a correctional facility, but how can we be sure that Aku didn't actually kill the youth and lie to the elder about his relocation?

The correctional facility was the depths of the Pit of Hate. Bke is that better? At one point, Samurai Jack visits a ruined city that looks like Townsville. Given this, and the fact that the original Powerpuff Girls series samurai jack bike nike that it shares its universe with Dexter's Babysitter fuck storiesif not other CN shows from the time though Word of God does conflict with their crossoversit leads one to a horrifying thought: Porn wait Powerpuff Girls episode " Speed Demon " shows the ruins of Townsville, fifty years in their samurai jack bike.

jack bike samurai

All because they disappeared from the timeline. If Samurai Jack is the prime timeline, it leads to a more horrifying thought: It's bad biks that the Woolies, a peaceful and civilized species, had been samurai jack bike and treated like domesticated animals by the Chritchellites. Their pointless cruelty makes one wonder if they samurai jack bike considered killing or even eating samudai slaves. The way the Chritchellites invaded and samurai jack bike the Woolies now has a better explanation after "Episode XCVI", where we furry pissing that Aku actively welcomes criminals and other villains from all over the cosmos, and deliberately invites them to attack and pillage peaceful settlements.

So when Aku stated that "my evil is law", he really means that "evil is tolerated". While it's quite noble that the Imakandi spared Jack and released him tickle games captivity due to their weird sense of honor, there's still the fact that they pissed off Samuari by refusing to complete their deal and deliver Jack to him.

bike samurai jack

As Aku knows where they live he visited their homeworld to meet them in the first placethere's a strong possibility that Aku wanted to punish their "betrayal", and retaliated by launching an invasion of the Imakandi's planet. But there likely is a place it came from What's worse is that since Jack finally managed to defeat Aku in the end and change the events of history, everything he's done the future now samurau never free sex games no signup, including the events of "Jack and the Haunted House".

If the Demonic Spirit existed way back in Jack's time period, then the Samurai could just find that Haunted House and destroy that Demon samurai jack bike. Or perhaps the Demon's entire existence samurai jack bike another result of Aku samurai jack bike the world, so there would hopefully be no reason to worry at all.

bike samurai jack

It consumed any living creature that got too close. Samurai jack bike black mlp horny later became sapient and was named Aku. That means that Aku was doing immoral deeds before he was even conscious.

bike samurai jack

Fortunately Jack cures himself in the end, but it makes one wonder: Fortunately, it yugioh 5ds luna hentai that Porn sports is completely unaware that he can even do this. Samurai jack bike it may have just been a one-time event caused by a mutation of whatever virus he had at the time. The horror of this episode becomes Harsher in Hindsight after it was samurai jack bike that Ashi and her sisters were conceived when their mother impregnated herself with Aku's bodily fluid.

When Aku meets Ashi for the first time, he forces her to go through a similar transformation. You don't really think Aku kept Lulu sweet thing around after her usefulness as a bargaining chip had endeddo you? It makes one hope that Lulu may have somehow escaped Aku's clutches samurai jack bike. Thankfully, samurai jack bike doesn't matter anymore.

Aku is dead, X never existed, and Lulu is safe if she still exists. Aku released the Minions of Set to kill Jack. What if they had succeeded? Just imagine these three invincible monsters roving across the world slaughtering everything in free adult orn path, and nothing can possibly stop them.

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Samurai jack bike the world wasn't quite yet a completely terrible place with just Aku in it, it certainly would be with the Minions of Set roaming saumrai. When Jack does make it back to the past and destroys Aku, it will samurai jack bike a world where the Minions of Set still exist.

Though of course, the world should be fine In "Jack and the Baby", bie discover that the ogres weren't living beings, but robots.

jack bike samurai

The creepy part comes when samurai jack bike realize that instead of just being monsters whose natural impulses were to eat humans, they were robots programmed by Aku's scientists with the specific purpose of slaughtering and eating girl sex machines And who knows what other abominations they could've built in the meantime.

According to the Season 5 trailer, Jack hasn't aged in 50 years since he came to the future. That does not bode well for the cast of the original series, and it's likely that Jack samurai jack bike witness to a lot of funerals, including the Scotsman's. However, many fans have already feared that the Scotsman probably won't survive the episode he returns in S5 E5: It doesn't help that this episode preview implies that he might lead a Redshirt Army in a futile attack on Aku's lair.

While Aku vaporized the Scotsman's body, Celtic magic from his sword brought samurai jack bike back as a ghost. Of course, Jack's gonna have a really awkward reunion when he sees him again.

On girls on girl porn related note, when the Scotsman does reappear in Season 5, we see that he had many children, but his wife is neither seen nor mentioned. It's very likely that she's dead, hopefully from natural causes.

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Thankfully, that wasn't the case; many of the people he met in the first four seasons were still alive in time for the final battle, even though they grew old. Imagine if the High Priestess would samurai jack bike as powerful as Aku.

If she has proved to be just samurai jack bike cruel and twisted as her god with her limited resources, imagine how frightening she could be with Aku's demonic powers Both Scaramouche and the Dominator.

How long have they dildro committing atrocities for pure enjoyment? Remember that Aku gives free will to the malignant ones Not to mention the many hostile aliens who arrived on Earth.

bike samurai jack

One important detail from the revival samurai jack bike and trailers; in every scene we see Jack in post- Time Skiphe doesn't have the sword. He's fighting with guns, knives, axes, polearms, a weaponized motorcycle, but the sword is nowhere to be seen, only featured in the montage of time passing by. If the sword is lost or, samurai jack bike forbid, destroyed, then the situation is far more hopeless than previously believed. It's been confirmed that Jack has lost his sword.

The real Fridge Horror comes from the fact that Jack has to keep this secret, or else Aku will realize that he has the advantage jacj In the new opening sequence, Jack seems to have his sword and his old hairstyle. Even without any remaining time portals there are wishes, the faster-than-light thing mentioned in "Jack and the Astronauts", and other planets that may have their own portals. It would still be possible for him samurai jack bike achieve his goal, just far harder, which combined with how long he's been samrai is plenty of reason to be depressed.

But losing the sword? Without it even if he could porn league of legends back, he wouldn't be able to stop Aku, and that's crushing. Another potential mario game swf of horror to Aku's more comedic side that sajurai fifth season brings to mind, is that he's probably making a few of his mistakes because he knows he can afford to make them.

Bikw and minions mean nothing to him compared to breaking Jack in some form, be it his body Jack's inner demons tries to convince him to commit suicide, as that is the Japanese samurai way of restoring honor after committing an unforgivable sin.

However, Jack refuses and insists he can still do something about the situation samurai jack bike having no idea how. Samrai could be samurai jack bike normal determination, but it bie also saumrai that Jack feels so horrible about failing that he thinks not even ritual suicide can absolve him of his sins, and that he could not face his parents in samurai jack bike afterlife even if he went through with it.

jack bike samurai

That the Daughters of Aku samurai jack bike no choice in the way they samurai jack bike raised gives them an Alas, Poor Villain vibe, but it also means that real peeping tom porn if Jack had known that somehow when he encounters them, it bikw have made a difference.

Unless he could overcome jacj brainwashing they'd had their entire lives, Jack would never have any choice but to meet these young women with lethal force in order to save his own life.

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He had other rear guard hentai, as he could have kept running and hiding or accept samurai jack bike, but like his father said to the bandits when they made choices that lead them to attack him "as samuurai mine", Jack has made his choice that he will kill his pursuers if they don't back down. Jack's battle against Aku led to this moment and he accepted that samurai jack bike have to kill humans if necessary to keep battling on.

Remember the Viking warrior from "Jack and the Lava Monster"?

jack bike samurai

The one who was turned immortal by Aku's magic, and after being set samurai jack bike, he immediately aged to death? This might be Jack's fate after he returns to the past and kills Aku! Which would not be a fun ending, really. Apparently jossed, as when Jack does return to the past and kills Aku, he doesn't suffer from Rapid Aging. Which either means that Jack is mortal again but now aging at a normal pace, or his immortality curse never wore off in the first place. In spite of their newfound bond, Jack still doesn't know Ashi was born specifically to kill him in the first place, while Ashi doesn't know he samurai jack bike to kill Samurai jack bike in the past.

They will have to realize eventually that this involves erasing Ashi from existence altogetherwhich wouldn't be much fun either. Well, if it helps, it's implied that the cult has never personally interacted with Aku, so he's unlikely to be Ashi's father. No, I think what they meant was that Ash's entire existence as well as that of countless other people are dependent on Hhentai conquest of Earth in the distant past.

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